First Responder in Emergency

Sometimes, communicating a medical emergency may become difficult. For example, explaining yourself may become impossible when allergies and other medical conditions severely affect you. In such cases, the first responder in an emergency plays a vital role. He helps you get the medical attention you need urgently. Medical identification cards play an important role in communicating vital health information of a person to paramedics and first responders. When faced with a medical condition to the extent that you cannot communicate your exact health situation, the medical IDs can speak on your behalf.

When you don’t put on your medical ID and have a health condition, then you are putting yourself at risk. An emergency may strike in any place and at any time and no one may be around to assist you. Medical IDs give you a sense of security and comfort to live a peaceful life. They protect you in case an emergency occurs. The first responder in an emergency can act fast and assist you when you have a medical ID. Besides, it minimises the cases of misdiagnosing a symptom. Furthermore, the first responders can help you avoid medications that may be harmful or those you may be allergic to.


The Pendant Is Easily Recognized As A Medical Device.


First Responders Are Familiar With Medical Pendants So They Will Investigate To See What Data It Holds.

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On Seeing The QR Code, The First Responders Will Scan It With Their Smart Phone Or Smart Tablet. This Will Enable Them To Gain The Information It Holds.


The Information Displayed Identifies The Person, Displays Contact Details, Medication, Medical History, Allergies And Other Personal Information The Wearer Wants To Share Such As Their Blood Group. The Owner Of The Pendant Has The Right To Edit This Information At Any Time.