Follow The Steps Below To Register Your Pendant Or Pair Of Tags And Then Add All Relevant Information.

Your registration code is on the label in the box and can also be seen by scanning the QR code. Please make sure that your pendant and the QR Code is free of any tape or glue from the packaging as this will interfere with the scanning.Please let your next of kin and carer know the password you select.

  • Go to the website:
  • Select: New Customer under New Client
  • Write the Registration Code
  • Write your First Name & Surname
  • Record your password in a safe place
  • Write your Password
  • Rewrite your Password
  • Select: ‘Register‘ Your personal webpage will appear.  Write your information on the webpage and select: SAVE at the top of the page.
  • To Edit your information go to the website and click on ‘Existing Customer‘ Tab under Medallion Registration.

Why You Should Register Your Emergency Alarm For The Elderly

Registering your emergency alarm for elderly helps keep you safe and increase your confidence especially when living alone.

As you grow older, several things are likely to shake your confidence. Reduced mobility and deterioration in health are the major factors that lower confidence among the elderly. Having an emergency alarm for elderly will give you the much needed security to maintain physical health and stay active.

Conditions such as arthritis and diabetes become more common as you grow older. In case you suddenly feel unwell while you are alone, you can simply press a panic button on your device. The monitoring center will then be alerted and an immediate action will be taken.

Elderly people are more susceptible to falling. Therefore, an emergency alarm will easily detect a fall or a sudden change in speed and direction. In case you suddenly fall, the monitoring center will then be notified immediately.