Benefits of Aloe Vera

Just a word of caution before you decide to treat any wart in the following way. Have your doctor check that it is a wart you are treating as Aloe Vera will not work on cancer cells. We know that as we age our immune system weakens and our body is more subject to invasion by bacteria and other nasties. One of these unwanted nasties is warts. They are generally found on the sun affected parts of the body. They are caused by a fungus and will spread if not removed. For many years I have had them burn off along with precancerous nasties by the skin doctor at the annual checkup. Being a natural medicine kind of person, I looked around for an alternative. I had not visited the skin doctor for a couple of years and had a couple of larger warts on my hands and there appeared to be more coming on other parts of my body. On further reading I discovered that as the wart is caused by a fungus it will spread if left untreated. Good old Google showed me many alternate way of treating age warts, from Duct tape to commercial ointments and Aloe Vera. I have Aloe Vera in my garden so decide to use that and it worked. This is what I found to be the best procedure. For older warts that are dry, abrade them with sand paper, emery board or Doctor Scholl’s hard skin remover. Apply Aloe Vera night and morning. It dries clear so is not unsightly. When the wart becomes hard on the top again abrade with your favorite sandpaper. Continue to apply the Aloe Vera twice daily. The older and larger the wart, the longer time it will take to disappear. Young warts are a breeze with most dying within a couple of weeks. At that time, I found I could lift off the dead wart by rubbing it a little. The Aloe Vera treatment worked for me and I hope it works for you if you decide to use it. Just a word of caution. Have your doctor check that it is a wart you are treating as Aloe Vera will not work on cancer cells.

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