Become a Reseller

We’d love to have you on board the Quoll Medical team as one of our resellers.

Generally, approved resellers receive a unique link and easy-to-use promo images to simply place on their own websites. Prefer to give your customers a coupon and send them direct to our site? You can do that too!

Moreover, you can easily track all sales on your own dashboard and you can request a payout for all commission earned direct to your Paypal account.

To begin with, just fill out the form and send us your details and we will be in touch with you regarding our reseller opportunities.

Why Become Our Reseller?

  • Zero financial risk. We don’t require you to buy bulk inventory. Moreover, you have no shipping obligations, and there are no packaging costs on your end. Hence, perfect for you if you are budget-conscious!
  • Almost the entire process is automated for you. That means low time commitments. Also, you can operate your reseller business from anywhere and at any time you wish.
  • You get to start your reseller business as soon as you are ready. Just fill out the application form and if approved, you can launch your business within minutes.
  • You already have a head start. At Quoll Medical,  we are preceded by a strong reputation of reliability, honesty, and credibility. You will just need to take that reputation and run with it. So, you won’t waste any time finding your footing in the online business space.
  • Need marketing ideas? We are happy to help you develop marketing content, from video marketing on social media to blogging on your website.
  • Also, you don’t need to worry about business pricing strategies; we already have that covered. You can bet that for as long as you find paying customers, your venture will always be profitable.