The Quoll Medical Alert company is the only supplier in the world to use digital technology.

Instead of engraving tiny pieces of information on a metal wearable item, Quoll Medical Alert devices feature a QR code, similar to a barcode. The QR code can be easily ‘read’ by a mobile phone or tablet and critical identification and medical data will be instantly revealed.

What is a QR code?

As you’ve seen in the supermarket, scanners ‘read’ the data about the product from the barcode printed on the label. Similarly, QR codes are totally unique symbols that contain your specific information. Just like fingerprints, no two QR codes are the same, but once yours is created for your profile, it will never change, and it will unlock the information you have provided for your profile.



Do I have to have technological skills?

Not at all! It’s as simple as going to the Quoll website and entering your information, exactly the same as if you were to make a Facebook profile or fill in a form to buy something online.

Once you have entered your information, it stays there until you ever need to change it. You might need to add data such as if you are given a new diagnosis of a health condition or you are taking a new medication. You might also need to remove data such as if you stop taking a medication or you no longer have a condition listed in your profile. You can also log in whenever necessary to change your name, contact details and doctor’s name, or to add or remove next of kin contact information.

What happens if I get sick and someone needs to read my device?

It’s very simple! They simply scan the QR code on your Quoll Medical Alert device with a QR reader that they will have on their phone or tablet and all your information will be instantly visible.

I don’t want just anyone to be able to read my information!

Of course not! We wouldn’t want that either. Keep in mind that whilst your information is private, you would want someone to be able to read it in the event of a medical emergency. So whilst yes, any person with a QR reader can view it, you would have to show them the QR code yourself and hold it still for them to scan it. Secondly, if you were incapacitated, you would want someone to be able to access the information without having to ask for something such as a PIN or a password.

Do medical professionals know to look at these devices?

They certainly do. In fact, first responders such as ambos, paramedics and police are trained to immediately seek contact or medical information. They will always look for a medical alert device first, followed by a wallet/purse and a mobile phone. Remember that many people keep their mobile phones locked and require a password to access any information. This would be of no benefit to you in an emergency. Your Quoll Medical Alert device will reveal all the important information needed to care for you, without providing access to private, non-critical data such as that on your phone.

What else makes digital better?

·         You can update your digital records very easily whenever you need to, without needing assistance.

·         You don’t have to buy a new device whenever something changes. For instance, if you bought a traditional bracelet from another company and had it engraved to show you have a heart condition and then you were diagnosed with diabetes, you would have to buy a whole new bracelet and wait for it to be delivered. With Quoll, you keep your device and simply update your record.

·         Your Quoll Medical Alert device stores tons more information than a simple engraving can ever hold. What good is knowing that someone has dementia by reading it on an engraving if you don’t know who to contact if they are found unwell and unable to communicate?

·         Quoll is more private. You don’t have to ‘advertise’ on your device what your medical condition is.

·         Being digital, Quoll can be used for many more circumstances than just a medical condition.

What information can be stored on my Quoll?

Quoll gives you the capacity to store far more than a one-word indication of a medical condition! You can store:

·         Your blood type.

·         Medication lists and keep them updated whenever there is a change to dosage or drugs prescribed.

·         Identifying information, vital for children and dementia patients.

·         Next of kin and contact details in case of emergency.

·         Details of your Living Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directive.

·         Proof of your consent to be an organ donor.

·         Contact details of your doctor or other medical professionals.

·         Important information that will prevent you from being treated incorrectly.

Critical medical assistance for the 21st century

Whilst other providers are still rooted in the 20th century, Quoll Medical Alert is leading the way with state-of-the-art digital devices. No matter where you are in the world, your device will be of value to you and could very well save your life.

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